BQ Witbox 2 3D Printer

BQ Witbox 2 3D Printer

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Ο Witbox 2 της BQ είναι η ιδανική επιλογή εκτυπωτή για το σπίτι. Η ιδιαίτερα μεγάλη επιφάνεια εκτύπωσης (21 cm x 29.7 cm) και τα 20 εκατοστά διαθέσιμου ύψους αυξάνουν τις δυνατότητες για εκτυπώσεις μεγάλων αντικειμένων και επιτρέπουν την ταυτόχρονη εκτύπωση πολλών αντικειμένων. Ο Witbox 2 έχει κλειστό σχεδιασμό, με πλαίσιο και πόρτα που κλειδώνει, που τον καθιστά πλήρως ασφαλή για χώρους με παιδιά.

Είναι ο ιδανικός εκτυπωτής για σχολεία, αρχιτεκτονικά γραφεία και οικιακή χρήση.

Η νέα βελτιωμένη έκδοση περιέχει σημαντικές αναβαθμίσεις: auto bed levelling, extruder με διπλό γρανάζομα για τέλειες εκτυπώσεις με flex, DRV8825 οδηγούς βηματικών μοτέρ σε μια νέα πλακέτα ηλεκτρονικών ειδικά σχεδιασμένη από τη BQ, νέα οθόνη χειρισμού με υψηλή ανάλυση.

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We are evolving 3D printing.

Witbox was our first 3D printer. It was ranked in the top five best printers in the world and reached more than 50 countries in just under a year. But we wanted more. Building on an excellent product, we have managed to create a more reliable, convenient and practical 3D printer. A ready-to-use printer that is perfect for working in domestic, professional and educational environments, delivering extraordinary results.

Print what you imagine.

The extruder is a key component because it pushes the filament through the hot-end causing it to melt. We have designed and developed a new extruder for the Witbox 2 incorporating a Double Drive Gear traction system that provides optimal grip of the filament: applying pressure, the two gearwheels flawlessly slide the filament to the end of the Hot-End. With the risk of obstruction minimised, a greater variety of filaments can be used, such as PLA, bronze, wood, copper and even flexible materials like FilaFlex.

New inductor sensor for maximum precision.

To achieve flawless results, the extruder must always work at a specific distance from the bed The Witbox 2 includes a new inductive sensor that measures this distance with utmost precision. The sensor is made of an electric coil that generates a magnetic field. When the bed moves closer to the field, the sensor detects it at a certain distance away and advises the user once it has reached the correct position via a small red LED. This mechanism enables precise and rigorous levelling, giving first class results.

100% BQ electronics.

The BQ Zum CNC is a new circuit board which has been specifically designed for the Witbox 2 by the BQ hardware team. This component allows a more fluid movement of the motors and offers improved heat dissipation.
All the Witbox 2 connections are protected and the digital potentiometers eliminate manual adjustments. The Witbox 2 boasts a new, more intuitive, graphic LCD display with higher resolution, improving user experience. The interface, along with the electronics that control the display, have also been developed in-house.

Auto-levelling: making 3D printing easier than ever.

Witbox 2 has a new auto-levelling system, freeing you from having to manually adjust the bed. When activated, the printer can detect any incline using the inductive sensor. It then adjusts the movement of the motors for perfect printing, even on a sloping surface.

Share, improve, evolve.

We believe in co-creation and Open Source Initiative. We contribute with our knowledge and work to the Technological Heritage of Humanity so that people can use it, make it grow and share it back. We believe that knowledge has no limits, and that´s why the firmware and hardware of the Witbox 2 is 100% open source.



    • Maximum: up to 200 mm/s*
      *Subject to materials, profiles and software used.

    • Optimum operating temperature range 15 ºC to 25 ºC.

    • Resolution: Up to 20 microns

    • Printer without PLA reel: (X) 508.06 x (Y) 393.38 x (Z) 461 mm
      Printer with PLA reel: (X) 508.06 x (Y) 485.08 x (Z) 461 mm
      Exterior box: (X) 610 x (Y) 510 x (Z) 709 mm
      Print volume: (X) 297 x (Y) x 210 (Z) 200 mm

    • 1.75 mm diameter filaments: PLA, wood, bronze, copper and FilaFlex.

    • Own design extruder with Double Drive Gear traction setting and filament guide to maintain compatibility with flexible or soft filaments.
      Hot-end designed for easy maintenance
      0.4mm nozzle for 1.75mm filament
      Finned dissipator with axial fan controlled by firmware
      Printed cooling blower

    • Powder-coated steel frame
      Hard chrome bars for the X and Y axes
      Lineal ball bearings for the X and Y axes
      4-thread ballscrew with direct coupling to motor on the Z axis
      Rails and ball runners on the Z axis
      Powder-coated steel supports and moving parts
      A4 glass cold bed (305 x 220 mm)
      3-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber
      Rapid system for changing the print bed using neodymium magnets

    • BQ Zum CNC controller
      BQ Zum Inductive Sensor to aid levelling of the bed
      BQ Zum LCD Smart Controller
      Power supply 12V 150W
      100K thermistor on the hot-end
      Heat cartridge 12V 40W
      Optimised ribbon cables

    • Marlin-derived firmware designed by BQ
      New features: auto-levelling, manual levelling using inductive sensor designed exclusively for 3D printing, idle mode Improved user interface
      Recommended environment: Cura Software, Slic3r.
      Files accepted: .gcode
      Compatible operating systems: Windows XP or later, Linux and Mac OS X or later

    • Standard SD card reader
      Type B USB port

    • Witbox 2 3D printer
      Quick Start Guide and Warranty
      Cold print bed
      One set of two keys
      Two side panels and one top panel
      USB cable
      European power cable
      UK power cable
      Reel of 1.75mm diameter PLA filament
      Metallic reel-holder
      SD card (with preloaded 3D models)
      Printed test piece
      Four support legs for the printer
      Five PTFE tubes
      Two cleaning needle
      Metal bristle brush for cleaning
      Allen keys of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 4 mm
      Carriage immobiliser for transportation

    • Stackable
      Door with safety lock
      Rear filament supply system inspired by the Fibonacci curve

    • Product plus box: 34Kg

    • Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike

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