Cofefe - the magnetic cup holder!

Cofefe - the magnetic cup holder!
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Cofefe is the only coffee cup holder you will ever need.

It is a magnetic cup holder that simply sticks to any metallic flat surface and fits all standard coffe cup sizes.
Ideal for your summer trips with your vespa, or just simply to use it on your fridge or metallic desk.

Heck, why not on the outside of your car door. Possibilities are endless!

Comes in two color combinations of black and petrol.

It's name is obviously derived from the anagramism of coffee. Not to be confused with covfefe.
Designed with ❤ by Hlias for

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25,00 €
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  • Color combinations: Black or petrol
  • Dimensions: 100x100x65 mm
  • Warning:
    Your cofefe contains strong neodymium magnets and should be kept far from electronic devices and pacemakers.

    It’s supposed to excite you, but not give you a heart attack.